Sahaja Marga Raja Yoga Vs Advaita, conceptual & Methodological Difference

    1. Sahaja Marga Raja yoga (SMRY) methodologically follows the precept of" Marjalla Niti" i.e. complete surrender to Master on the lines of " yoga of surrender" (prapati yoga), as indoctrinated by Bhagavan Sri.Krishna Paramatma-" sarva Dharman paritayajya -mamekam sharanam vraja" (B.G.18-56).In this state ,"Being" is experienced without subjective conscience of the ultimate condition of Reality .It is just like one does not remember act of sleep,while sleeping.
      Where as , Advita method- it is "vriti-jnana" that is state of Being of Reality is constantly remembered as "thought -wave"(vriti).This process may be in the shape of any of the four "Maha-vakyas"(Great -concepts)viz-(i)Aham Brhmasi (ii) Prajnanam Brahma (iii) Ayamatma Brahma (iv) & Tatva masi . vriti -jnana comes under precept known as "Markata-Niti".
      Note: [It is interesting to note that in yoga there are two lines of actional precepts that give a methodological direction to the goal of ultimate Reality-viz (i) Marjala-Niti(precept of feline-cat) (ii) Markarta -Niti(precept of primate-monkey). In the first kind of precept it is entirely the responsibility of mother cat to take care of the offspring till it reaches the state of self-care. It simply obeys the mother's actions without any doubt. In second type the baby monkey holds fast to mother at all times vigilantly & consciously. The safety of its life depends on its efforts to hold fast to mother monkey.

    1. And also, Advaita system of method requires to negate consciously all creational phenomena, as an experiential effect only & not a fact of Reality. That is phenomenal experiences intrinsically are "virtual" & "notional" (Mitya). This is because of in -built pattern of elemental mechanism in the phenomena, that imparts perpetual rotatory motion (Brhamana), to sub-atomic particles and heavenly bodies in the galaxies inducing illusionary feeling (Brahma) of Real and permanent". In the subjective mind. The seeker of reality (Mumukshu) is advised to keep constantly the idea of illusionary nature of phenomenal events & their experiences. And also constantly "Be-Aware" of his "Eternal-Nature of" Consciousness , per-se as " Witness" (sakshi), to all that is happening, through mind & its creational effects in terms of dualities of life.

    1. In Sahaja Marga Raja Yoga system, the state of "Being" of Reality is lived without any mental thought (vriti-jnana) of its living, just like a new born baby (Bala Vat) -"object-less consciousness", It is known as " knowledge-less ness". Normal knowledge*of phenomena is " objectified consciousness".

    1. But, from the point of conceptual approach(sidhanta-Ritya)sahaja marga Raja Yoga philosophy &Advaita philosophy differ. In Sahaja Marga, the notion of "swimming in the ocean of Bliss", around the central-region ,implies conceptually an intrinsic (Tatva) difference, between(jeevatma) corporeal-self & God (paramatma).That is why individuality of corporeal-self remains in subtle state of all egos swimming around the center of Reality. where as conceptually ,Advaita philosophy doesn't make difference between jeevatma-paramatma.("jeevo-devo ,santhana").Intrinsically both are Consciousness-Per se .It is only ,when consciousness, casts reflection in mind-the consciousness -space (Chida kash) notion of (jeevatma) corporeal-self ,emerges as a limited entity with in the four walls of body &mind-thought, there by coming to suffer.

    1. Other, aspects of methodology of approach , like "sadhana chehutaya "- viz (i) viveka (ii) vairagya (iii) shet-sampathi (iv) mumukusthavam have to be acquired by practice (sadhana) before one aspires for liberation(Moksha) .They are to be perfected to get eligibility for "Brahmopadesha" that initiation by Guru ,according permission ,to engage in sadhana on the guide line parameters laid down by the relevant institutionalized system .Entire procedural system is eliminating & exclusive. Renunciation of normal family -life is mandatory.
      But, the crux of the problem is that elements of sadhana -cheshutaya have no independent existence of their own.they are the working manifestation of sanskara (Micro impressions) released for experience (Boga) on the continuum of Time-space_ Causation .Therefore, sanskara ,the root cause of Avidya(Nesience) is to be removed either by under goging experience(Bhoga) or fried in " yoga fire " or both .No other system of yoga is effective other than Sahaja Marga in scorching and scraping the sanskara from causal body through "Transmission" of "pranahuti" by Guru the source of Divine Force. That is the reason Sahaja Marga, Raja Yoga gives fruits of liberation in shorter time possible schedule of sadhana.

    1. The other aspect of the issue to consider is three cardinal factors inducing state of liberation (Jeevan Mukta or Jeeven moksha ) viz (i) viveka (ii) vairagya (iii) and uparati (iv) Discremination between real & unreal i.e. brahma satyam, jagath Mithya { (ii) Dispassion -the relative value ascribed to any idea, object or action at a given point of time, (iii) vairagya is precursor of renunciation, (iv) It leads to un-attachment -Asangatva] .Out of these three factors, viveka (Discrimination) is essential & indispensable for liberation. Without the dawn of Discrimination, there shall not be the state of Jeevan Moksha. While, without other two factors viz vairagya & ua\parati, one may be liberated but he may not enjoy the fruits of liberation (Moksha phala) in day to day active life. The extent of joy & absence of misery in life depends upon the extent of vairagya & uparati a Jnani is in control of. In other words a liberated man may not be free of worldly miseries. It is not conditional. The extent of absence of sorrows, worries & miseries is a function of intensity or degree of vairagya & uparati cultivated & controlled by the seeker of reality (mumukshu). It is a paradoxical phenomena ,viz- a seeker may be a Jnani ,liberated from thralldom of Transmigration yet may be perceived as suffering dualities of life (Vedanta pancha Dashi by Swamy Vidhyaranya 6-sloka276 -286,p457 ). This is because the sanskara which are the precursors of pain & suffering & other dualities in life need to be exhausted by living the life.

Comparative System of Approach in Yoga (Prabhin a Yoga Matha Prasthana)

Shajamarg system of Raja yoga is a variant of Pantanjali Raja Yoga. It also differs from Vedanta method of approach to attain Reality. Pranahuti is its main plank of approach. Pranahuti is the nascent cosmic Life force from "Hiranya Garbha", that is introduced in the heart of the seeker. The method theoretically assumes that the steps up to Dharana in Patanjali Yoga system and steps of Viveka, Vairagya, Shatsampati and in stage Mumumkestvam steps upto Nidhidhyasana of Vedanta System are not the essential steps but concomitant consequences to attainment of Reality. Hence, could be allowed to grow and evolve, by themselves; keeping main focus of attention on Reality, through pranahuti, Constant remembrance of Master, Meditation and Cleaning, Simplicity, Meekness Piety, Balance of relations in interactions with others, Attitude of trusteeship in managing household affairs are some of the auxiliary elements in the Sahajamarg System of Yogic process.