Aims and Objectives of IUSCM

  • IUSCM primarily aims at bringing to the notice of Mankind that creation is only virtual and notional experiential effect of impure mind (Kalushitamanas) and not a fact of Reality.That the innate principle of Mankind is universal unborn, everlasting, immutable consciousness, the Self reflected as “I" described in vedic scriptures as “Bhuma” –the Infinity.
  • It inculcates intellectual appreciation among the seekers of Truth that there is an in- built mechanism in human mind to translate the Cosmic Macro and Micro phenomenon of virtual and notional creation to appear as permanent and true (Nitya-Satya) as a process of delusion(Mystification) .
  • Demystify the human mind of delusionary experiential feeling of doership and enjoyership(Karturtva-Bhoktruva) of mystical and notional creative phenomenon.
  • Enlighten the members about the aspects of life viz. the Absolute transcendental nature of personality(Para) and relative transactional personality(apara/iha) and harmonize with equanimity these two sides of empirical life,through Shajamarga Raja yogic process.
  • Help the members to gain mental peace, poise and equanimity amidst all tribulations of busy life like a lotus leaf on waters of floating time.
  • Enhance the optimum development of efficiency- response to life situations and work-norm.
  • Bring integrated development and enrichment of personality on the basis of Universal Self Concept.
  • Enrich the spiritual, socio-cultural,moral and ethical life of peoples all over the world by service activities on the basis of Universal Self Consciosness Motto.