IUSCM Guide Lines

Following guide lines are indicated that helps the members in achieving the set goal smoothly while living with in the secular frame work of family and social life.

  • Try sincerely to maintain harmonious and cordial relations with all those with whom you come in contact and interact. This becomes more automatic as you progress in your practice of this rajayoga.

  • As a gruhastha (family man/woman) we have our own responsibilities towards family, relatives, neighbours and friends .

  • Problems and worries in the family life are natural and may cause thought disturbances during the meditation .But as practice advances these disturbances settle down leaving the mind surface calm. A stage comes when you completely get detached from the rumblings of the mind –calm and peaceful in the depths of your heart. This is based on the most famous yogic principle of ”detachment by attachment” advocated by Lord Krishna in Baghavat Gita.

  • Master advocates for His seekers of Truth to cultivate the principle of “Trusteeship” in managing the household affairs. Simply it means all the members in the family are God’s creation and as a head of the family you act as a trustee for their welfare. Material means are provided by Him according to their bhoga(destiny) through you.

  • Cultivation of this bhava (Notion) gradually detaches you from affects of action and reaction and mind is freed from forming the sankaras(micro impressions), the so called “Nishkama Karma” (desire less action) so beautifully advocated by Lord Krishna in Gita .

  • Thus shajamarga way of rajayoga practice is nothing but a practical manual –compendium of teachings of Gita by Lord Krishna.