Bhagavan Sri Ramachandra Maharaj

Institute of Universal Self Consciousness Movement (IUSCM)

IUSCM has been established to propagate Oneness of Man Kind Globally. This is to be achieved through emergence of Universal Self Consciousness (USC) in One and All.

Oneness of Mankind is not merely an intellectual appreciation but is organically integral to one's consciousness involving empirical experience of himself reflected in all beings, and all beings reflected in himself, like a father feels reflected biologically in all his children, or like Jesus Christ felt reflected Himself in all mankind. This could only be achieved through the yogic meditative process.

Sahajamarga Raja Yoga Dhyana Gruhastha Ashram (SMRYDGA) is the spiritual wing of IUSCM, whose aim is to train all men and women throughout the world to achieve the above said objective.

 Revered "Babuji" Maharaj


About the Founder of IUSCM

Institute of Universal Self Consciousness Movement (IUSCM)

The founder and the President of IUSCM, Professor Dr. Satyanarayana Chillapa comes from an orthodox family of Brahmins dedicated to vedic learning and culture, with deep attachment to Bhagavan Sri Aadi Shankara’s Adhvaitic tenets. The writings recorded in his published work, "The Book of Knowledge Divine", reflect his intuitive insight and mystical revelations emerging from prolonged rajayoga practice under his guru Samartha Sadhguru Bhagavan Sri Ramachandra Maharaj. He was blessed by his Master with the grace of "Aja smruthi", that is, revelatory conscience of the corporeally unborn state which is the highest attainment of yoga culture.

Sri Satyanarayana Chillapa




Invitation to all from IUSCM

We invite and welcome all Noble Hearts to become Messengers of Cosmic, Divine Gospel of Peace on Earth by taking membership in IUSCM. Kindly fill-in the membership form and send by mail. You can be initiated to a wonderful, awe-inspiring transcendental field of spirituality and mysticism through phone or internet. Send your latest colored passport size photo.