Practical Manual Of SMRYDGA

This system of meditation requires an honesty to one-self and sincere desire to go beyond the material coverings of his personality.

  • Choose a time in the morning convenient to you, say 6 Am and 7pm. Keep to this time at all costs.

  • Select a convenient place to sit where you are not disturbed: do not change the place according to fancy; keep to same place.

  • Sit in a convenient posture –a posture which does not strain physically; make broader and loose your base of posture such that you feel relaxed bodily and mentally.

  • Make a supposition that a Divine light is glowing diffusely in your heart; do not strain mentally to see the light in the heart i.e. do not image the light .

  • Slowly divert your mind towards a point in the heart, just below two fingers width of your left nipple, say this point as(A).

  • Repeat mentally:

O Master Thou are the Real goal of human life We are all yet but slaves our wishes putting a bar to our advancement Thou are the only God and Power to bring us up to That State.

  • Repeat this prayer only once or twice then try to brood over the meaning of the prayer and glide into the condition that It leads.

  • There would be certainly a gush of variety of thoughts in to your mind; do not be afraid or annoyed or irritated, i.e. do not try to control thoughts; you shall fail if you attempt to control the thoughts.

  • Do not bother to control the thoughts while meditating, i.e. the job of Master and not yours. Simply ignore the thoughts as uninvited guests.

  • Sit in this way for meditation to start with for half-an-hour in the morning and half –an hour in the evening and gradually increase it to one hour in due course of practice.

  • Do not be carried away with “Puranic and Ithehasik" stories in our scriptures regarding miracles or super powers coming following a yogic path of meditation. you will be disappointed .

  • You shall definitely have experiences as you travel on yogic path; but they are incidental mile stones on the road to goal: it is not the Master’s desire that you are lost on the road.

  • Miracles are perceived by senses and mind ,therefore are material in nature; but our goal is to go beyond senses and mind in transcendental meditation.

  • Another important item in this method of yogic process is cleaning of the heart. This is done in the evening meditation as indicated below:


  2. Close your eyes, direct your thought to a point B just two fingers width above the left lowest side rib down the point A .This is the seat for the causal body (Karana sharera)

  3. Direct waves of divine grace (Power) passing over point B towards your back removing all sankaras (micro impressions) from the causal sheath just like smoke or vapor. Continue in this mood for 15- 30 minutes.

  4. You may slip into “jada samadhi”, a state of twilight – sleepy consciousness while engaged in this process of cleaning.

  5. After cleaning your heart, you will feel light in your