IUSCM has been established to propagate and to bring to the notice of Mankind, globally the concept of Universal Self Conciousness {Sarvatma Bhava} that forms the core principle of Life-Eternal {Amrutatvam} and bedrock of Truth {Sat}. It is the manifested form of Godly presence in human beings endowed with intellect. “I” devoid of physico mental sheaths {that is i= 0}, it is conciouness infinity {I=Anantha chit}. It is Absolute Reality {Shudha sat} in manifestation. As a denominate of conciousness “I” is universal and infinite in all beings.

Doctrinal Exposition

Creation is only a virtual effect of mind and not a fact of reality. Emergence of objects and ideas {Moortha,Amoortha}is a conseqence effect of perpetual rotatory movement or motion {Brahmana}of mind and matter .The apparent perception of universe as variegated objects of names and forms{Nama-Roopa}is an “Inter positional Effect”of impure mind {Kalushita Manas}.The micro impressions {Sanskara} in the mind are the tendencies that setup the rotatory motion to the particles constituting the matter {both inside and outside}.Thus, generating false and notional {Mythya} impressions of mental images of objects interms of name and form .It is the rotatory motion {Brahmana} that shapes one and the same matter into partularised entities with different forms and names. It is the desire {Ischa} at both individual and cosmic level that initiates the movement to the micro-particles, and as well as to the heavenly bodies. The movement is self rotatory on the immutable base or screen of conciousness {chit} that like space pervades inside and outside. Consciousness is the creational God {Ishwara} in relative sense and also in absolute sense is Reality {Parabrahman} . That is the reason that the Men of Wisdom say – “God’s center is every where, but periphery is no where”. Existence and Consciousness are two aspects of Reality, just like obverse and reverse of a coin. Existence is only the “Other side” revealed aspect of Conciousness. Infact, there is no Existence apart from Conciousness {Chit Prakasha meva thasya sat ropam]. Reality, Manifests as Existence – Conciousness – Bliss {Sat –Chit-Ananda}. Bliss is awareness of Self-Existence. Matter {or Energy}, in nascent or Primal form is in the infinite ocean of conciousness like as a bubble in the water {Conciousness –Space{Chidakash} .

Joys, sorrows, miseries, and sufferings of limitations are consequence of “Mutual Transposition Effect”, vice-versa, between soul {Atman} and mind {Manas}. This is a delusion {Moha} of duality nature of mind{Dwanda Prakruti}. Such a nature of mind creates an illusionary {Brahma}, experiential feeling of permanancy, continuity and reality {Satya-Nitya} of life lived. The ultra high, subtle motion in the matter constituting the mind generates image forms and thought waves of ideas, cast into the mould of micro impressions{Sanskara} stored on the causal body {Karana Sareera} and are trans-projected on the mental screen as-if to out side one self {e.g. analogy of dream}.

Universal Self-Hood {Sarvatma Bhava} is the Theoretical Foundation of the universal “One-Ness” of MANKIND. The Godly spark- “bhuma” forming the common center, amidist apparently variegated transactional life has to be realized to form the basis of concept of Universal Consciousness as a Global Movement.



Equation : Ix1, Ix2, Ix3……………….Ix=I

  • · I= ParaBrahman =Reality (sat) =Absolute Consciousness (Akhanda Bodha)
  • · x=Nama-Roopa (Name &Form)=Individuality=Ego=i=Mr.So&So
  • · i=Body-Mind-Intellect=ego=(Subject-Object-Predication=Thripthi)
  • · I= Parabrahman (Reality) +[0(i)=0]=Atman (Soul)=Absolute Awareness

Therefore Individuality is a combination of Infinite & Finite (Anantha-Alpa) or/and, absolute and relational

-Meditation on Heart By sahajamarga system of Rajayoga method helps to orient individual conscience to Universal Self –ParaBrahman, an evolutionary process on the Time-Space continuum of sat-chit-ananda

Reality (sat) is in the nature of Absolute Knowledge (Akhanda-Bodha) or knowledge –lessness-mind acts as an Inter Positional Reflective Medum (IPRM) between parabrahman & objective –world (Jagat).